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5 New YouTube Updates 2017 |
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5 New YouTube Updates 2017

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5 New YouTube Updates 2017

5 New YouTube Updates 2017

In this video, Justin Bryant is going to go over 5 YouTube updates for 2017.

1. More Detailed Subscriber Analytics: You will notice that the sources have expanded a lot, before their were only a few analytics to use and much to work with.

Analytics are the biggest part of creating a channel, so it is very important to have this update.

Here are the other 4 updates:

2. Twitch Completion and of Traditional
3. Scheduled posts, subscriber count and other updates in the creator app.
4. A New Look
5. Better YouTube Live and mobile Speed

Go ahead and watch the video to get all the details on these updates.

I’m glad you checked the video out! I’m hoping it provided you with some value.

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The point is, this site does provide me with a small income. But just know… selling you stuff isn’t my goal here. If anything from any of my sponsors interests you, perfect! But if this isn’t the case, then it’s all good. I just appreciate your readership. 🙂

The truth is, I’m very passionate about Work From Home and sharing cool stuff with cool people… like you! 😉

And that’s what Miker Home Business is. It’s simply a place where you can access tons of Home Based Business Ideas videos all under one roof. Sound good? Great! It’d be great to have you over again some time. 😉

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