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Affiliate Marketing Programs-Clickbank & Amazon


Affiliate Marketing Programs-Clickbank & Amazon

If you are considering affiliate marketing programs as a means for another income stream for your site, Clickbank and Amazon Affiliates Programs are the two top networks that offer the best quality product and revenue opportunities.

Clickbank is one of the most popular and well known digital marketplaces for online products. It is a good platform for vendors who wish to sell and market their product as well as for affiliates who are on the lookout for products to promote and recommend. One of its features is its no questions asked refund guarantee within sixty days of purchasing a product. Since the Clickbank marketplace is literally accessible to everyone, this feature helps in gaining consumers’ trust as the consumers can get their refund with no hassle if they face any issues with the product or service.

Being one of the major players in affiliate network marketing, it is a great network with a fuss-free and simple interface. Compared to other marketing affiliate programs, it is simple to navigate. Signups are done easily and there is a massive help center for support and frequently asked questions. With thousands of products to choose from, it is a perfect site for people who would like to kick start affiliate marketing. You will definitely be rewarded well with your hard work as the commission rates are high. It is also relatively easy to become a merchant at Clickbank. Support materials are provided and it is cost effective to get started.

Amazon Associates is also one of the top affiliate marketing programs. A well known brand name by itself, Amazon sells millions of products from music, electronics, toys, books and more. You can literally find anything in Amazon, so its affiliate marketing program seems to be a natural choice for anyone who wants to start affiliate marketing. It allows you to sell products that are listed on the website for commissions. With its commission rates starting from 4 percent and reaching up to 15 percent for specific products, its payouts are considered generous as compared to other affiliate marketing programs.

In the affiliate program, there are often recommendations and suggestions for the top, new products in the market. You can choose to promote them or you can search for products that are related to your niche. Place the product and affiliate link in your website and you will get paid when your visitor buys the product via your affiliate link. If used well, Amazon can provide you with a steady stream of passive online income.

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